Real Name
Current Alias
James Gordon (father), Barbara Eileen (mother), James Gordon Jr. (brother)
Base Of Operations
Gotham City
Marital Status

First Appearance
Batgirl Vol 4 1


Barbara is the child of Police Commissioner James Gordon and Barbara Eileen. When she was only 12 years old, her mother left them (after being threatend by James Jr.) and she was raised by her father in Gotham city.


Once, Barbara talked her way into getting interviews at the G.C.P.D. Headquarters for a criminology class. She wanted to learn more about Batman and learned that accomplished everything with brains. Harry X, a Canadian criminal, was awaiting extradition when his followers blew up a wall to help him escape. Harry realized Barbara was one of Jim Gordon's children and planned on using her as a hostage. She was saved by an Officer Morgan and in the distraction, she put on a Batman suit the police had put together as an example and attacked Harry. Using her self-defense training, Barbara took down the criminal as Batman arrived and praised her bravery. She became Batgirl in order to help her father and Batman, who took her in as part of his team (along with the first Robin) and trained her.

After a year of fighting crime, Barbara had quit as Batgirl and finished school. Trajically, she was shot by the Joker when he went after her father and was left paralyzed from the waist down. A little over two years later her father found a clinic in Africa, where she had a neural implant surgery that led to her regaining the ability to walk. She trained hard and returned as Batgirl about a year later.

The Darkest Reflection

Batgirl The Darkest Reflection

Her first night out as Batgirl after regaining the ability to use her legs, Barbara Gordon stopped the Brisby Killers. She moved out of her father's house and into an apartment with Alysia Yeoh. Batgirl encountered Mirror when he attacked one of the Killers in the hospital, his MO is to kill those who survived by miracles by killing them the way they would have died. She froze up when he pointed a gun at her and Mirror shoved the guy out a window. Batgirl was beat up by Mirror after following him to the Hollows, a gravesite, and seeing his list. Barbara had to explain to Alysia that she was not a criminal when she returned home and got patched up. After some research, Barbara discovered Mirror was a man with survivor's guilt after his family died in a car crash. However, when visiting Mirror's home, Batgirl was forced to stop a train bomb and witnessed her mistake as he blew up another train. Nightwing was concerned for Barbara and she had to convince him that she needed to beat Mirror alone. On Christmas Eve, Batgirl lured Mirror into a Hall of Mirrors in an abandoned carnival and broke his will by reflecting the car crash in all the mirrors. That night, Barbara's mother made a surprise visit.

Barbara's mother made a surprise visit and she told Barbara she was moving back to Gotham. Barbara needed to get away and went out as Batgirl, finding the Whittaker's robbing people on a bridge. When she intervened, Mr. Whittaker shot his sons and in a trance jumped off a bridge. Batgirl saved him and was attacked by Gretel, who was controlling the men, but after fighting awhile Gretel just left. Later, on his way to a press conference, Bruce Wayne was attacked by the hypnotized driver. Batgirl arrived only to be attacked by Bruce, in the same trance, and after some coaxing she made him come to himself. Batgirl figured out who Gretel was and asked Bruce to act as bait. The next night, Bruce held his press conference and Gretel tried to kill him by controlling the police. Together they defeated Gretel and turned her over to the police.

Night of the Owls, Knightfall Descends

Batgirl visited Dinah Lance to spar with her and Dinah gave her a lead on a man calling himself Grotesque. Grotesque was holding up a birthday party for a billionaire when he didn't get what he wanted he killed the man. Batgirl went into action and took out Grotesque's men and then followed Grotesque into the sewers. However, Grotesque overpowers Batgirl and gets away, leaving his thug who turns out to be Danny "The Weasel" Weaver, one of the men that was with Joker the night Barbara was shot. Batgirl let Danny go, since he had saved her that night, and then after returning home she decided to visit her mother. Later, Batgirl went to Danny's apartment and when she went in she was attacked by Grotesque. Angry, Batgirl beat Grotesque to a pulp and then told Danny she couldn't let him go a second time. However, Danny was fatally wounded by Grotesque and died.

After an explosion in Little Jakarta caused by a bomb attached to a paper balloon, Batgirl investigated she was attacked by a woman in an owl suit, a Talon of the Court of Owls. Batgirl was badly beaten and almost fell over the edge of a building; however, the Talon let Batgirl live and disappeared, leaving a scrap of paper. After returning to her apartment, Barbara recognised the writing on the paper as a date, November 1944, and recalled that this was the date the west coast was bombed by paper balloons from Japan and caused the death of a family in Oregon. Later, Batgirl got a message from Alfred warning the Bat Family that the Court of Owls was attacking Gotham's leaders and that they needed protection. Batgirl rushed to protect her father after the bombing of the G.C.P.D. building and faced the Talon from earlier. Batgirl attacked and kicked the Talon off the roof, knocking her into several of her own bombs. As the Talon lay dying, Batgirl askded why she hadn't killed her earlier and the Talon wrote with her blood, "I hav mask 2. I understand." Batgirl watched as the rest of the bombs exploded all over Gotham under the symbol of the Court.

Batgirl Knightfall Descends

While Batgirl was apprehending car thieves at the Three Towers Business Centre, one named Ricky got away and got his leg caught in a bear trap. The security for the charity gala at the buildings intervened and told Batgirl they would take care of Ricky. When Barbara returned to her apartment, she got a phone call from Alysia asking her to get her out of jail after protesting with Occupy Gotham and Barbara bailed her out. The next night, Batgirl returned to Three Towers to find out what happened to Ricky and found a woman holding him over the edge of a building. Ricky's leg had been amputated and the woman offered Batgirl membership with the Disgraced after passing a test. The woman dropped Ricky and Batgirl went after him, failing the test and getting attacked by a woman with wings and they got knocked through a window. As Ricky made his escape, Batgirl took down the woman who introduced herself as Katharsis. Knightfall, boss of the Disgraced, arrived and introduced herself; Bleak Michael, who secretes acid; and Bonebreaker, an incredibly strong woman. Knightfall tried to turn Batgirl over to her cause, killing all criminals, but Batgirl refused and they attacked. Batgirl was barely saved when Detective McKenna arrived with a gun pointed at Knightfall. The two of them escaped and McKenna explained that Knightfall is Charise Carnes, who had watched her family killed and was wrongfully sent to Arkham as their murderer. Batgirl demanded that the Detective tell her how she knew all this and McKenna explained that her husband was taken hostage in an Arkham breakout and McKenna had switched places with a SWAT member and froze up as an inmate shot her husband in front of Charise. When Charise got out, she contacted McKenna and other officials with bribes and blackmail. Batwoman arrived and attacked McKenna and Batgirl defended her. Batwoman was there for McKenna as she had caught the attention of the DEO but Batgirl told her that she needed the Detective. McKenna got a call from Knightfall telling her that she had Ricky and if Batgirl didn't come he would be killed. They went to the Three Towers and took out the Disgraced and Batgirl went after Knightfall. Batgirl found Ricky and as she began picking the lock to his cage she was stabbed under the ribs by Knightfall. Batgirl lay dying but she summoned her last strength and beat Knightfall, who took off her mask and explained she had once met a boy named Trevor who later murdered her family in front of her. Charise now had Trevor captive and when Batgirl said she would save Ricky and Trevor, Charise became enranged and attacked but Ricky grabbed her from behind bars. McKenna arrived and arrested Charise and took Batgirl to a doctor who wouldn't ask questions. Barbara then got a phone call from her mom, saying that strange men were at her door and they broke it down.