Real Name
Arthur Curry/Orin
Current Alias
King Arthur
Tom Curry (father, deceased), Atlanna (mother, deceased), Orm (half-brother)
Team Affiliations
Notable Enemies
Black Manta
Base Of Operations
Amnesty Bay
Marital Status

Abilities and Weaknesses
Underwater Breathing, Submarine Speed, Superhuman Strength, Tough Skin, Marine Telepathy
First Appearance
Aquaman Vol 7 1



Arthur grew up in a lighthouse with his father, Tom Curry. When he was thirteen he saw his first Atlantean when three came out of the water and tried to kill him because of his human father. Stephen Shin, a friend of Tom's, had taught Arthur how to use his powers but he wanted to reveal Arthur to the public. Tom Curry wouldn't allow this and tore Shin's lab apart, taking anything connected to Arthur. Shin was discredited after trying to tell the public and to get his credit back he hired Black Manta to get some of Arthur's blood for proof of his Atlantean heritage. However, when Black Manta attacked Arthur, Tom had a heart attack and died three days later. On his deathbed, Tom had asked Arthur to do one last thing for him: find Atlantis and tell his mother that he had loved her. On day of his father's funeral, Arthur left Amnesty Bay and took to the Ocean, searching for Manta. He found Manta's ship above a shipwreck and when Arthur boarded, he was shot with a harpoon gun by the captain. Believing the captain was Manta, Arthur strangled him in vengeance. However, Manta was on a treasure dive and the captain was his father and Arthur and Manta became locked in a circle of vengeance from that day on.

Arthur began searching for Atlantis, trying to fulfill his father’s last request. One day, he rescued a woman named Jayne and her father. When he mentioned he was searching for Atlantis, Jayne’s father told him of a man he had rescued that claimed to be from Atlantis. Arthur went to Norway and found the man, named Vulko and advisor to the Queen, who recognized Arthur as the rightful King of Atlantis. Vulko explained that his mother, Atlanna, had been imprisoned when she wanted to return to the surface and raise Arthur with Tom. She was forced to marry the captain of the Atlantean Guard and had another son, Orm. When Orm was 12, his father was killed and Atlanna planned on escaping. However, she was killed, most likely by Orm, and Vulko had to escape. Vulko showed Arthur the way to Atlantis so that he could claim the throne.

Sometime later, Arthur formed a team called The Others to help him against Black Manta. They found the tomb of the Dead King, the first king of Atlantis, and took his Relics to use as bait for Manta. After a year away from the lighthouse, Aquaman returned.

Justice League

Justice League Origin

When Darkseid and his Parademons attacked Earth, one of the demons set off a Mother Box in the ocean which opened a Boom Tube and allowed Parademons through. He joined Batman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, the Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman in fighting the demons and Darkseid. He thought he was most qualified to lead them with his experience as king of Atlantis, but others disagreed. After defeating Darkseid he joined the others in forming the Justice League.

The Trench

Aquaman The Trench

After defeating some thugs, Aquaman went to a seafood diner and left after being harassed. While looking out at the ocean and reminiscing on his childhood, Aquaman told Mera that he had decided to make a new life on the surface with Mera. A police officer arrived and asked for Aquaman's help, as Beachrock was attacked by monsters from the ocean. They arrived at the dock and Aquaman sensed that some of the creatures were still aboard the boat they attacked. The creature attacked and Mera prevented them from getting at the humans while Aquaman attacked and fended them off. They realized that some of the people the monsters attacked could still be alive when they discovered a cocoon with an alive dog in it. Aquaman took one of the dead creatures to Stephen Shin, who after analyzing it determined it probably came from the Trench in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Aquaman and Mera went after the creatures and found a dying race in the Trench. When they tried to optain the cocoons filled with people, Aquaman was forced to kill the queen and seal them up, sealing their doom. The people were returned home and Aquaman decided to keep the dog he had saved. The Navy found a strange device with the cocoons and Aquaman recognized it as an Atlantean artifact used in their ships before Atlantis sank. They were then attacked by men in suits that took the artifact. Aquaman went after them and grabbed onto their ship and they took off. He broke into the ship and after punching into one of the men's helmets he discovered they were Atlantean as it was filled with water. The man shot Aquaman and he flew out of the ship as they crashed into the desert. Aquaman hallucinated and after hearing the sound from the artifact, he found the crashed ship and activated the artifact. In the message, a man says that Atlantis was in danger and that an unrevealed enemy was going to sink Atlantis and that the king and queen were hidding the truth. Aquaman was then rescued by military choppers.

The Others

Aquaman The Others

During a large storm, Aquaman and Mera helped ships get to shore safely and after went to Stephen Shin to ask about the Atlantean relic from the Trench. While there, Ya'Wara and her panther attacked Shin, believing that he told Black Manta where to find Kahina, who he killed and then took the Seal of Clarity. Aquaman then told Mera about The Others and he and Ya'Wara then teleported to Kahina's body to find out more. Suddenly they were attacked by men working for Manta and while they fight, one man shoots Ya'Wara's jaguar. This sent her into a state of rage and she slaughtered all of the hunters and summoned tigers to finish them off. Aquaman and Ya'Wara went to Germany to warn the Prisoner-of-War and found Black Manta trying to kill him. Aquaman and Manta fought and Manta shot a harpoon gun to snatch Ya’Wara’s Globe and then teleported away. The Operative arrived and told them he knew where Manta was. As they regrouped on his plane, the Operative told them he believed Manta would go to the Dead King’s tomb as he believed there was a seventh relic. Vostok arrived from the Moon and joined the Others, but Aquaman wanted to face Manta alone and jumped into the Ocean. At the tomb, Aquaman found Manta trying to force Shin to help him, but he refused to betray Aquaman again. However, using Shin’s notes Manta found that he could use the two Relics he had acquired to triangulate the position of the hidden artifact. Manta found the last Relic, the Scepter of the Dead King, inside the Dead King’s tomb, calling it the weapon that sank Atlantis. Manta then ordered his soldiers to kill Shin and Aquaman came out from hiding and stopped him. Before Manta could kill Aquaman with the scepter, Mera arrived with the Others and attacked. Manta tried to attack Aquaman from behind but Vostok took the blow and died as Manta escaped. They all had to get off the island since the scepter triggered an earthquake that caused the island to sink. Tracking Manta’s signal, the Others followed him to the eye of a storm, where he was meeting a mysterious Atlantean individual and traded the scepter for the treasure he was trying to salvage when his father died. Aquaman intercepted the scepter before it could be given over; however, the Atlantean soldier got the scepter and escaped. Manta attacked and Arthur stabbed his helmet and Manta dropped the Relics. Arthur had the chance to kill Black Manta, but instead he spared his life and they returned to Amnesty Bay.

Throne of Atlantis

Aquaman sent fish to summon his brother, the Ocean Master, to speak with him in private. They met at a shipwreck and Aquaman asked his brother if he had anything to do with Black Manta and he denied any involvement.

Batman was taking down some kidnappers in a boat chase and Aquaman stopped one of them from shooting him. Aquaman expressed concern that the fish were swimming away from the entire Northeastern seashore, from Boston to Gotham, and that they weren't responding to his telepathic command. A huge wave headed toward Gotham City and Aquaman realized that it was part of the Atlantean War Plans in response to an accidental attack on Atlantis from a carrier. Gotham was mostly evacuated and Aquaman saved Jim Gordon and Mera also helped to push back some of the water but they weren't able to save everyone. Batman and Aquaman were in the Batplane when the Atlanteans shot it down, though they were both fine. Batman and Aquaman teleported to the Watchtower, where Superman and Wonderman had taken Vulko after encountering him in Metropolis, and then Cyborg detected the Atlantean Army off the shores of Boston so Aquaman went to talk to his brother while Cyborg went after Dr. Shin. Orm came ashore looking for Arthur, believing he was king over the land, and Aquaman confronted him and explained that he wasn’t their king and that the attack was a mistake. Aquaman tried to convince Orm to send the Atlantean Army back but he wouldn’t listen and then Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman arrived in a boom tube to step in. Aquaman demanded more time and grabbed Batman’s throat, which prompted him to through potassium which reacted with the water and caused a small explosion. Aquaman then fought off Superman and Wonder Woman and Orm electrocuted Batman. Aquaman told Orm to quit and that Atlantean law didn’t apply to the surface and Wonder Woman grabbed Orm in a chokehold but he easily threw her off and commanded the Atlanteans to attack. Wonder Woman and Superman fought Orm and were both incapacitated and were sent to the bottom of the ocean with Batman and Aquaman. Aquaman and the other members were trapped in pods at the bottom of the ocean, though Aquaman was able to free himself and he then checked on Batman, who had put on a breathing mask but couldn’t leave the pod because of the pressure. Aquaman went into the trench with Batman’s pod and was attacked by one of the Trench, which he easily killed. While exploring the trench, Aquaman found hieroglyphs that showed the Trench creatures following a king with the Scepter and found Superman and Wonder Woman in their pods, paralyzed by the Trench creatures. Cyborg and Mera arrived and helped Aquaman fight off the Trench and release Superman and Wonder Woman and then they all returned to the surface. The Trench arrived in Boston and attacked both the humans and Atlanteans as Cyborg recovered archived footage from the carrier that attacked and discovered that Vulko had sent the missiles to Atlantis. The League returned to the Watchtower but Vulko had left after attacking Dr. Shin, who told the League that Vulko had the Scepter and was controlling the Trench. The Justice League teleported to the battle in Boston and Aquaman attacked Orm and tried to convince him that Vulko was behind the attack on Atlantis but he wouldn’t listen and commanded the bombs to be detonated. However, Atom had disabled one bomb and Superman and Wonder Woman threw the other into the sky before it detonated. Aquaman threw a car at Orm and then smashed his crown and demanded that he yield the throne. Orm yielded and Aquaman commanded the Atlantean Army to surrender and then Vulko also surrendered, revealing that his plot was to put Arthur back in power. Aquaman used the Scepter to send the Trench back and took Vulko to Atlantis to be tried for his crimes while leaving Orm to be imprisoned on the surface. Aquaman left the surface to take his place as king, leaving Mera behind.

Not long after taking his place as king, Aquaman stopped some whale hunters that were using Atlantean weapons. Aquaman spoke to Cyborg, who told him that Amanda Waller wanted to meet with Aquaman. Waller discussed the problem with humans possessing Atlantean weapons left after the attack on Boston and that the world was refusing to accept Atlantis as a free nation.